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Try Out, Lip-Smacking Local Cuisine While You Stay at Deluxe Hotels in Mumbai

When you are staying at deluxe hotels in Mumbai, consider this is an excellent opportunity to try out some exquisite and traditional Maharashtrian dishes. There is a plethora of options at your disposal and you can try various options inclduing a vegetarian or non-vegetarian cuisine or even sweet dishes as a part of your dessert. You can try this out at the hotel where you are staying or any of the good quality restaurants that offer traditional food from the region. There is no doubt regarding the fact that indigenous food here is that delicious and lip smacking, to say the least. Sometimes you may find it too spicy and hot for your taste, but if your tastes veer towards that, nothing can be better.

So, which other most common dishes you can order while staying at business hotels in Mumbai? It ranges from breakfast items to lunch and dinner menus as well. For a hearty breakfast, you can easily go for delicious and healthy pohay, which is a delicacy prepared with flattened rice. People generally order tea with it. Besides this, you can also try out the fantastic Misal Pav. It is a sprouted lentil curry preparation, topped with pohay, batata-bhaji, tomato, chopped raw onions, chivda, and farsaan. Other options available to you include sabudana khichdi, pitla bhakri, aamti, rassa a popular curry preparation made with mutton, goat meat, or chicken. This spicy non-veg preparation is extremely popular in Maharashtra, especially near the Kolhapur belt. So when you are in Mumbai, do not miss this opportunity to try out these fantastic lip smacking fare and begin a gastronomic romance with Mumbai for a lifetime.


Luxury Hotels in Andheri Offer Many Facilities to Guests

It is a wonderful experience to stay in Mumbai and explore it from the core. The financial capital of India is a city that thrives on its fast-paced lifestyle. This city has many visitors each day, each hour for various purposes.

Since most visitors are in Mumbai for business, it becomes quite crucial to locate a great range of hotels for their accommodation. And most of the areas where the business hubs are located are in Andheri location. Andheri is a huge area and to commute to Andheri from another place in the city would mean ample loss of time.

The most important task for visitors is to locate a pleasant accommodation with world class amenities. Some of them are quite lucky to have their search fulfilled by opting for luxury hotels in Andheri. These offer plush accommodation and other major facilities such as money exchanging options, seminar halls, restaurants and fitness center.

So with the international airport being in this corner, the Andheri East region does enable travelers to find and afford a luxury hotel. Since these hotels are very close to the airport as well as to the customer’s destination they provide ample reasons to be the first preference in the area than anywhere else.

Leisure is best when you are in Mumbai. Once people are through with their tasks and meetings, they can definitely stroll across the famous Marine Drive and Juhu beach, enjoy some great rides at the Essel World theme park and also indulge in shopping for their family members and friends.

Experience Comfort and Luxury Unmatched at Hotels in Andheri

Andheri, a flourishing suburb of Mumbai, is one of the coveted destinations for premium hotels and fine dining restaurants. Flocked with innumerable hotels of different sizes, standard, and budget, you will have abundant choices to pick one that ideally suits your needs and pocket. The common factor to all Hotels in Andheri is unmatched comfort and the best value for money. Even the budget hotels offer quality accommodation facilities and dedicated services that will let you have the best experience at a reasonable cost.

If you find it difficult to get a hotel in Mumbai city center, Andheri is just the second best option for you. Here you can find a myriad of hotels, offering world class facilities ranging from multi-cuisine restaurant and bar, spa, swimming pool, health club, meeting and conference facilities, Wi-Fi zone, travel desk, power backup, laundry and dry cleaning, well-appointed rooms, concierge, and 24 hour security services. Besides, airport transfer services are also offered by Andheri hotels, to ensure easy accessibility to the hotel.

Being located in proximity to the Andheri railway station, it becomes even more convenient for travelers to move in and around the city in a hassle-free manner. Whether you are looking for luxury hotels or more affordable budget inns, rest assured supreme quality services and top-notch facilities are available at these hotels to make your stay most comfortable and worthwhile. Experience comfort and luxury galore at hotels in Andheri! Make sure that you book your hotel well in advance to avoid last minute hassles and inconveniences.

Business Hotels In Mumbai Located At Strategic Positions

In terms of population the financial capital of Mumbai is also the largest city in India and on your visit you will easily find a number of Business Hotels in Mumbai located at strategic positions. As more than 40% of all foreign trade in India is conducted from Mumbai it receives a huge number of international business tourists that is more than any other city in the country. Mumbai business hotels, with their superlative accommodation and hospitality facilities have created a separate standard in them and can be easily compared with the best business hotels all over the world.

But before you book a Luxury Accommodation in Mumbai in any of premier Mumbai hotels you must consider that Mumbai is the most expensive city in India and staying in Mumbai business hotels is quite expensive. Some of the most important facilities offered but these business hotels include fully equipped conference room with video conferencing, large banquet halls and spaces for corporate parties etc. While the rooms are also equipped with wireless internet, computers and peripherals, fax, satellite telephones and almost everything that a business traveler might need during his stay. The best business hotels in Mumbai also have some of the best chefs in the country working for them and the quality of the food is invariably the best that you have ever tasted. A vibrating city like Mumbai offers a multitude of attractions to the visiting tourists and without visiting as many as you can your Mumbai trip will always remain incomplete.

Why People Prefer To Stay At Hotels In Andheri?

Andheri is the happening location in Mumbai where the who’s who of the city lives. The reason is a simple one. Every amenity one can hope for is available at a shake hand distance. Shopping complexes, places to hang out and for entertainment and a posh locality that boasts of film star apartment and bungalows and VIP accommodations. Due to its proximity to the airport one finds numerous budget and up to five star hotels in this area that sees a steady stream of guests coming to these places. Hotels in Andheri no wonder do a roaring business throughout the year.

It is interesting to note that over 95% of the guests staying at the hospitality establishments in Andheri come to Mumbai for conducting their business affairs. This is not surprising given the status of the city as the major financial hub of the country. Proximity of domestic and international airports along with the presence of business centers nearby make it a potent combination, which few businesspersons can miss. No wonder the hospitality industry in Andheri is working overtime in order to cater to this steady stream of visitors.

Another reason why people coming to Mumbai decide to stay at Andheri hotels is that they offer fine dining in Mumbai option, a lure few can miss. One can choose from high-end restaurants to street food, which is both hygienic, and delicious. This region of Maharashtra capital in a way highlights the very best of the city and offers a memorable experience. So, when are you booking your own hotel room?

4 Star Hotels in Mumbai- Ensure Complete Luxury

Mumbai, the capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra is known for the Hindi film industry it is home to. The city is one of the largest metropolises of India and it is being acclaimed by the world too. It has seen a lot of development in various fields like business and education and that’s what leads to an increase in the number of travelers that come to this amazing city every year.

There are hundreds of hotels in Mumbai but the 4 Star hotels in Mumbai are some of the best ones. These hotels are only different from the 5 Star hotels in terms of their price; however, the luxury one tends to get in these hotels isn’t less than the latter. Beautifully well furnished rooms with LCD TV sets, tea and coffee makers, telephone, luxurious bathrooms, 24-hour room service are some facilities that come with these awesome hotels. Swimming pools, round the clock front desk, multi-cuisine restaurants, bars are also some lucrative features of these hotels at a rate less than the 5 Star hotels.

Andheri, in Mumbai, is one of the most affluent as well as old suburbs. The posh nature of the suburb can especially be seen in the Hotels in Andheri. These hotels are extremely luxurious and lavish in nature. Most of these are quite expensive but the world-class experience one gets from them is worth all the money. The efficiently designed rooms, the friendly and useful staff, the spacious suites etc. make a lavish stay possible in Andheri.