Restaurants in Andheri West Are A Delight For Food Connoisseurs

Mumbai is India’s very own California. With glistering beaches, rich power moguls, swish bars and restaurants, not to forget- the charming Bollywood, Mumbai is not just a financial capital. It is in fact part and parcel of an Indian’s life, a dreamy place where millions of people de-board a train every day to find their destiny. But what make this city even more delightful are its delectable delicacies and its amalgamation of posh and local street side Restaurants in Andheri west.

Whether you are a vacationing tourist or a business magnate, your visit to Mumbai is incomplete if you don’t dine in at some of the best restaurants in Andheri West. Accommodation in Mumbai is easy to find and if you are a food connoisseur, then your best bet are luxury hotels which are in proximity to Andheri west, where you can enjoy delectable dishes that will soothe your palate and leave you wanting for more and more.

Extravagance and elegance are the two words that effectively describe Accommodation in Mumbai. Owing to its financial importance and its innumerable places of interest, the city boasts of several four and five star hotels that are perfect for staying. Therefore, whether you are a businessman looking for a quiet night and high class facilities after a crunching day at work or a traveller craving for luxurious five star stay, options are plenty.

And if you are visiting Mumbai, don’t forget to try variety of cuisines served by restaurants in Andheri West. Food enthusiasts would literally fall in love with this place, where they can try cuisines from as far as Italy to as rustic as local food like Vada Pav. Sounds mouth watering, isn’t?


Charming Conference Halls in Mumbai Augur Success


Conferring with one’s companions, colleagues and others in corporate or business circle, has always led to more informed conclusions, decisions and solutions, since time immemorial. The same process continues in modern times, albeit with more modern techniques and more sophisticated means of communication and conducting of events.

Conference Halls in Mumbai, the capital city of Maharashtra located on the west coast of India, are available in varying sizes for the conduct of corporate events. When every detail must be perfect, such halls offer the savvy corporate client or businessman the benefit of advanced facilities and experienced Meeting professionals to deliver a productive and successful event. With state-of-the-art technological equipment for your business event, depending upon the number of delegates attending and also the nature of the event, you can either divide the entire massive venue into 3 segments or keep it as one whole integrated and composite space which can accommodate upto350 people in pre-arranged auditorium style or as many as 800 people if they standing or moving around and no fixed seating plan is required!

Such a Hotel near Mumbai International Airport, which is located just 2 km away from Mumbai International Airport and thus saves inveterate travelers much of their valuable time, is located in the commercial hub of Mumbai. Within walking distance from major banks, government offices, companies which are located close by, major exhibition centers and tourist destinations, this hotel is just about 10 km from Juhu Beach where you can relax pleasurably at the end of a hard day!

Travelers Enjoy Pulsating Pubs in Andheri


Sustenance of mankind has depended on victuals and drinks since Time began, in different forms and different locales and with varying options, and it is even so today! Over the years, with the progress of mankind, greater knowledge and exposure to global cuisines and cultures and availability of vintage wines and alcohol, the gourmet palate is very different!

Pubs in Andheri, sporting modern wicker furniture, fawn and maroon furnishings and wooden furniture in warm tones of brown, with a  sunken wooden flooring, are reminiscent of English Pubs.   Where you can relax in comfort and enjoy bonhomie and camaraderie with friends and business associates over tall glasses of exotic cocktails, a selection of frosted beers, vintage wines and liquor from an oenophile’s collection. The “spirit” of joy is all-pervasive, not to put too heavy a pun on the word “spirits”! And the effect of melodious music in the background, mellows spirits further and helps one to truly relax and unwind after a grueling day of work or an enjoyable but tiring day, spent sightseeing!

These Luxury Hotels near Mumbai Airport, conveniently located in the commercial hub of Mumbai, are just 2 km away from the Mumbai International Airport and easily accessible. Within walking distance from major banks, companies, government offices, major exhibition centers and just 1.6 km form Mumbai City with its tourist sightseeing places, they are thus time savers for tourists and businessmen! Located at a convenient distance of 2 km from the Railway Station and very close to the Bus Terminus, they facilitate travelers’ reaching them without a hassle!

Banquet and Conference Hotels In Mumbai


Conference hotels in Mumbai are much in demand and all for the right reasons. These come equipped with state of the art features and with hospitable staff to cater to every whim of the business guests. There are various requirements when the successful conduction of conference and meeting is concerned. From technological support to ideal atmosphere with minimum disturbance and arrangement of food, refreshments and post meeting scenario entertainment is crucial. The hotels with conference hall facilities in the Mumbai capital spare no pains in order to provide their distinguished corporate clientele with everything they want.

Banquet halls in Mumbai are also much in demand for the conduction of successful meetings and events. Whether it is a wedding, private or corporate parties or celebrations, one can depend completely on their infrastructure feature and management ability. With related experience under their best the banquet hall owners, and management can anticipate the needs of their clients and provide services based on that. They work in close relation with the clients in order to understand what they want and design their program in accordance.

From decoration, providing transport facilities when needed for entertainment and catering every responsibility you can leave completely on their capable shoulders. Because of the high demand of the conference centers and banquet halls, it is necessary to book such venues with enough time in hands, which can be six months to one year. With the availability of online booking however this ceases to be an issue in the modern times. Rely on these Mumbai services to make your event a success.

Why People Prefer To Stay At Hotels In Andheri?

Andheri is the happening location in Mumbai where the who’s who of the city lives. The reason is a simple one. Every amenity one can hope for is available at a shake hand distance. Shopping complexes, places to hang out and for entertainment and a posh locality that boasts of film star apartment and bungalows and VIP accommodations. Due to its proximity to the airport one finds numerous budget and up to five star hotels in this area that sees a steady stream of guests coming to these places. Hotels in Andheri no wonder do a roaring business throughout the year.

It is interesting to note that over 95% of the guests staying at the hospitality establishments in Andheri come to Mumbai for conducting their business affairs. This is not surprising given the status of the city as the major financial hub of the country. Proximity of domestic and international airports along with the presence of business centers nearby make it a potent combination, which few businesspersons can miss. No wonder the hospitality industry in Andheri is working overtime in order to cater to this steady stream of visitors.

Another reason why people coming to Mumbai decide to stay at Andheri hotels is that they offer fine dining in Mumbai option, a lure few can miss. One can choose from high-end restaurants to street food, which is both hygienic, and delicious. This region of Maharashtra capital in a way highlights the very best of the city and offers a memorable experience. So, when are you booking your own hotel room?

Mumbai Hotels- For Amazing Business Cum Leisure Stay

Mumbai, the capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra is known for the Hindi film industry it is home to. The city is one of the largest metropolises of India and it is being acclaimed by the world too. The city has seen a lot of development in various fields like business and education and that’s what leads to the great number of travelers that come to this amazing city every year.

The Mumbai Hotels generally range from the budget hotels to the luxury hotels. While the budget hotels are supposed to take care of the money paid by the customers, the luxury hotels are expensive but the service rendered by them is second to none. They have state-of-the-art amenities to fulfill every fantasy of their guests. They are both business cum leisure hotels taking total care of the both by their facilities like conference and banquet halls, high speed internet connectivity, computers, spas, fitness centers, child care centers, massage therapies, luxury restaurants etc.

The location of the Mumbai Airport Hotels is the most attractive as they are located at mere walking distances from the Airport. They make sure that the guests have a completely lavish and luxurious stay throughout their visit. Although these hotels are very expensive, they return the appropriate value for your money. They ensure a totally trouble-free stay of their clients by their features like 24-hour front desk, outdoor pools etc. One can never get exhausted with the amazing spa treatments and massage facilities these hotels boast of.

4 Star Hotels in Mumbai- Ensure Complete Luxury

Mumbai, the capital of the Indian state of Maharashtra is known for the Hindi film industry it is home to. The city is one of the largest metropolises of India and it is being acclaimed by the world too. It has seen a lot of development in various fields like business and education and that’s what leads to an increase in the number of travelers that come to this amazing city every year.

There are hundreds of hotels in Mumbai but the 4 Star hotels in Mumbai are some of the best ones. These hotels are only different from the 5 Star hotels in terms of their price; however, the luxury one tends to get in these hotels isn’t less than the latter. Beautifully well furnished rooms with LCD TV sets, tea and coffee makers, telephone, luxurious bathrooms, 24-hour room service are some facilities that come with these awesome hotels. Swimming pools, round the clock front desk, multi-cuisine restaurants, bars are also some lucrative features of these hotels at a rate less than the 5 Star hotels.

Andheri, in Mumbai, is one of the most affluent as well as old suburbs. The posh nature of the suburb can especially be seen in the Hotels in Andheri. These hotels are extremely luxurious and lavish in nature. Most of these are quite expensive but the world-class experience one gets from them is worth all the money. The efficiently designed rooms, the friendly and useful staff, the spacious suites etc. make a lavish stay possible in Andheri.