Ideal Stays in Luxury Hotels in Mumbai

Luxury Hotels in Mumbai, strategically located just 2kms from the Mumbai international airport and equidistant from the railway station, are your ideal “islands in the sun” in this charming, cosmopolitan city. Encapsulating you in a cocoon of luxurious advantages as you surrender yourself to hospitable largesse!

Ensconce yourself in these luxury hotels in Mumbai, in plush suites with modern décor and rich furnishings, immensely comfortable sofas you can sink into or an adjacent dining room where you can dine in style with family and friends! After which, replete with gastronomic delights and bonhomie, you can drift into soundless slumber on the spacious and inviting double bed with its soft linens caressing your skin! As you awaken to a bright tomorrow, a refreshing shower in the tastefully done private bath,fully restores your energy and an attached dressing room completes your leisurely dressing with ease!

Conveniently located in the commercial hub of Mumbai and within walking distance of companies, major banks, government offices, major exhibition centers and tourist destinations, such luxurious business hotels in Mumbai are a double whammy for travelers!

The specially designed Business room doubles as an ideal venue for conducting interviews with its comfy yet lavish sofa with big work desk, and at night the sofa converts into an inviting bed! With ample technologically competent meeting spaces for successful conferences, superb catering services and auditorium style seating, Business Hotels in Mumbai are a steal! Revel in the multi-faceted munificent amenities of luxury hotels in Mumbai for unbeatable deals!


Mix Business with Pleasure at Mumbai Hotels

Aptly called the maximum city, Mumbai is a bustling metropolis that engulfs everyone with its charm. Always buzzing with life, the city offers an awe-inspiring fusion of the traditional and the ultra modern. From temples to sea links, Mumbai’s every nook and corner is popular with the expats.

There are various businessmen and working professionals who juggle between the commercial powerhouses of Delhi and Mumbai regularly. In fact, there are various corporate tourists who visit the financial capital every week for meetings and conferences.

Catering to these jetsetters, there is a plethora of hotels in Mumbai that offer a complete gamut of amenities to make the guests feel comfortable and contented. Most of the best hotels in Mumbai are located near the airport and are a boon to travellers working on stringent deadlines. Apart from being strategically positioned, the Mumbai airport hotels take charge of captivating their guests with various recreational activities by providing swimming pool and fitness centre facilities.

Also, the restaurants located within the hotels in Mumbai are an absolute delight for the food connoisseurs. One can savour mouth-watering cuisines combined with impeccable services offered by the highly trained staff. Furthermore, guests can spend some time working in the peaceful settings of the in-house coffee shops and treat themselves to a delightful cup of freshly brewed coffee.

So make sure that you book one of the Mumbai airport hotels to relish a complete luxurious stay while working on your important business deals and projects.

Business Hotels in Mumbai

Business trips have become the new way of finding prospective clients, attending conferences and motivating employees. Consequently corporate tourism is growing considerably, thanks to the incredible avenues offered by metropolitanssuch as Mumbai. Being the financial hub of India, the city offers plush business hotels for a pleasant and comfortable stay.

Equipped with state-of-the-art meeting and conference halls, these hotels are perfect for high-level business meets. The unmatched hospitality and top notch facilities add to the bouquet of superior services provided by the business hotels in Mumbai. In addition, many of these hotels are located in close proximity to the airport making them easily accessible for business travellers.

What’s more, the meeting rooms in these Mumbai Hotels have the capacity to accommodate a long list of guests for corporate events. Whether it’s a small or large gathering, you will be provided with flexible space and modern amenities such as Wi-Fi and advanced audio-visual equipment.
Apart from organising events, these hotels are also pioneer in offering luxury and comfort. Guests may take some time out to relax in the swimming pool or de-stress in the fitness centre after an exhaustive day and come out rejuvenated for the next corporate meeting!

Thus with deluxe rooms, stylish restaurants, airport transfers, internet facility, cafe lounges and more, the Business Hotels in Mumbai are the best choice for your official travel.

Easy Booking of Mumbai Hotels

Finding accommodation in Mumbai is a piece of cake. The city, being a major tourist destination and a thriving financial hub offers a wide range of accommodation options for clients and travellers to choose from. There are a plenty of Mumbai hotels in the city that can be booked easily without much hassles. Here the process of choosing and booking business hotels in Mumbai or other kinds of accommodations have been briefed.

Start by checking out a range of hotels and resorts in the city. For instance, business travellers can look for Business hotels in Mumbai that are known for serving corporate, others can check out resorts or vacation Mumbai hotels for booking. Later, the hotels should be shortlisted with a recommendation for those that have their own websites. It must be noted that corporate or other kinds of accommodations with websites provides users and potential clients insight about rooms and services and has several deals and discounts mentioned on their sites. This way, the trip can be cheaper and more affordable.

Once hotel has been selected, the client must go over the ‘Book Now’ or other similar option which will allow it to check for hotel fares and provide information about the booking. You can pay online through secured gateway or get confirmation on your phone or email. Accordingly then during you visit you won’t have to deal with repercussions and hassles of late booking.

This easy booking also allows you to provide staff information about any kind of extra or personalized services that you will need and also ensures that the stay is more affordable.

Perks of Choosing Different Kinds of Hotels in Mumbai

Whether are you visiting the city for business prospects or seeking to enjoy a vacation, Mumbai has several kinds of accommodation options that will provide you a wide range of benefits! The city, which is known for its exuberant lifestyles, can provide you a trip of a lifetime, with experiences that you would love to rave about. Choosing between different kinds of hotels in Mumbai has their own perks and benefits, some of which have been briefly discussed here.

Firstly, choosing Mumbai airport hotels is most beneficial for those who visit the city for corporate purposes. These hotels have been designed in such a manner that professionals can enjoy living in them without any stress. At the same time they are equipped with a wide range of facilities such as fine dining restaurant, where your clients can come and you can enjoy business lunch or dinner with them, along with conference halls and banquet halls for conducting business events or functions. Plus, they also provide business deals, discounts and complimentary packages to reduce the cost of living.

Similarly, different Hotels in Mumbai, like the ones located in the heart of the city have benefits such as they have a range of luxuriant services such as spas and saunas for those who wish to enjoy indulgence in sumptuous facilities. At the same time, budget accommodation works well for the ones who have to save money on the trip. Therefore, all kinds of accommodations and hotels have their own perks and benefits. You can choose the one based on your needs.

Business Hotels In Mumbai Located At Strategic Positions

In terms of population the financial capital of Mumbai is also the largest city in India and on your visit you will easily find a number of Business Hotels in Mumbai located at strategic positions. As more than 40% of all foreign trade in India is conducted from Mumbai it receives a huge number of international business tourists that is more than any other city in the country. Mumbai business hotels, with their superlative accommodation and hospitality facilities have created a separate standard in them and can be easily compared with the best business hotels all over the world.

But before you book a Luxury Accommodation in Mumbai in any of premier Mumbai hotels you must consider that Mumbai is the most expensive city in India and staying in Mumbai business hotels is quite expensive. Some of the most important facilities offered but these business hotels include fully equipped conference room with video conferencing, large banquet halls and spaces for corporate parties etc. While the rooms are also equipped with wireless internet, computers and peripherals, fax, satellite telephones and almost everything that a business traveler might need during his stay. The best business hotels in Mumbai also have some of the best chefs in the country working for them and the quality of the food is invariably the best that you have ever tasted. A vibrating city like Mumbai offers a multitude of attractions to the visiting tourists and without visiting as many as you can your Mumbai trip will always remain incomplete.

When Should You Choose a Hotel near Mumbai International Airport?

Mumbai, the city of dreams is known for its amalgamation of business and glamor. This Indian city is not just the abode of Bollywood stars and celebrities, but it also the home to India’s richest business moguls. An industrial center, Mumbai is the place for people who choose to enjoy a vacation in glistering sands and glamorous sights as well as for the entrepreneurs. But when it comes to accommodation, most visitors are left in quandary.

Should you choose an accommodation that’s in the heart of the city or should you choose a hotel near Mumbai international airport?

Well, the answer to this question depends upon your nature of the visit- whether you are coming to the city for pleasure purposes or for financial/business purposes.

A Hotel near Mumbai International Airport is the perfect option for businessmen and travellers who are visiting the city for business purposes. Those who are coming to Mumbai for a day or two and need to catch another flight for a different destination can choose a hotel close to the airport to make sure that their commuting time is saved.

For those coming for vacation purposes, accommodation in the heart of the city is ideal. This allows them to explore various facades of the city including any Lounge in Andheri, where they can enjoy socializing with the locals and get a taste of Mumbai’s nightlife.

Lounges in Andheri are known for their cuisines as well as their posh bars and brilliant nightlife. So, if you are a night lover, lounges here would woo you!