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When Should You Choose a Hotel near Mumbai International Airport?

Mumbai, the city of dreams is known for its amalgamation of business and glamor. This Indian city is not just the abode of Bollywood stars and celebrities, but it also the home to India’s richest business moguls. An industrial center, Mumbai is the place for people who choose to enjoy a vacation in glistering sands and glamorous sights as well as for the entrepreneurs. But when it comes to accommodation, most visitors are left in quandary.

Should you choose an accommodation that’s in the heart of the city or should you choose a hotel near Mumbai international airport?

Well, the answer to this question depends upon your nature of the visit- whether you are coming to the city for pleasure purposes or for financial/business purposes.

A Hotel near Mumbai International Airport is the perfect option for businessmen and travellers who are visiting the city for business purposes. Those who are coming to Mumbai for a day or two and need to catch another flight for a different destination can choose a hotel close to the airport to make sure that their commuting time is saved.

For those coming for vacation purposes, accommodation in the heart of the city is ideal. This allows them to explore various facades of the city including any Lounge in Andheri, where they can enjoy socializing with the locals and get a taste of Mumbai’s nightlife.

Lounges in Andheri are known for their cuisines as well as their posh bars and brilliant nightlife. So, if you are a night lover, lounges here would woo you!


Restaurants in Andheri West Are A Delight For Food Connoisseurs

Mumbai is India’s very own California. With glistering beaches, rich power moguls, swish bars and restaurants, not to forget- the charming Bollywood, Mumbai is not just a financial capital. It is in fact part and parcel of an Indian’s life, a dreamy place where millions of people de-board a train every day to find their destiny. But what make this city even more delightful are its delectable delicacies and its amalgamation of posh and local street side Restaurants in Andheri west.

Whether you are a vacationing tourist or a business magnate, your visit to Mumbai is incomplete if you don’t dine in at some of the best restaurants in Andheri West. Accommodation in Mumbai is easy to find and if you are a food connoisseur, then your best bet are luxury hotels which are in proximity to Andheri west, where you can enjoy delectable dishes that will soothe your palate and leave you wanting for more and more.

Extravagance and elegance are the two words that effectively describe Accommodation in Mumbai. Owing to its financial importance and its innumerable places of interest, the city boasts of several four and five star hotels that are perfect for staying. Therefore, whether you are a businessman looking for a quiet night and high class facilities after a crunching day at work or a traveller craving for luxurious five star stay, options are plenty.

And if you are visiting Mumbai, don’t forget to try variety of cuisines served by restaurants in Andheri West. Food enthusiasts would literally fall in love with this place, where they can try cuisines from as far as Italy to as rustic as local food like Vada Pav. Sounds mouth watering, isn’t?