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Charming Conference Halls in Mumbai Augur Success


Conferring with one’s companions, colleagues and others in corporate or business circle, has always led to more informed conclusions, decisions and solutions, since time immemorial. The same process continues in modern times, albeit with more modern techniques and more sophisticated means of communication and conducting of events.

Conference Halls in Mumbai, the capital city of Maharashtra located on the west coast of India, are available in varying sizes for the conduct of corporate events. When every detail must be perfect, such halls offer the savvy corporate client or businessman the benefit of advanced facilities and experienced Meeting professionals to deliver a productive and successful event. With state-of-the-art technological equipment for your business event, depending upon the number of delegates attending and also the nature of the event, you can either divide the entire massive venue into 3 segments or keep it as one whole integrated and composite space which can accommodate upto350 people in pre-arranged auditorium style or as many as 800 people if they standing or moving around and no fixed seating plan is required!

Such a Hotel near Mumbai International Airport, which is located just 2 km away from Mumbai International Airport and thus saves inveterate travelers much of their valuable time, is located in the commercial hub of Mumbai. Within walking distance from major banks, government offices, companies which are located close by, major exhibition centers and tourist destinations, this hotel is just about 10 km from Juhu Beach where you can relax pleasurably at the end of a hard day!


Travelers Enjoy Pulsating Pubs in Andheri


Sustenance of mankind has depended on victuals and drinks since Time began, in different forms and different locales and with varying options, and it is even so today! Over the years, with the progress of mankind, greater knowledge and exposure to global cuisines and cultures and availability of vintage wines and alcohol, the gourmet palate is very different!

Pubs in Andheri, sporting modern wicker furniture, fawn and maroon furnishings and wooden furniture in warm tones of brown, with a  sunken wooden flooring, are reminiscent of English Pubs.   Where you can relax in comfort and enjoy bonhomie and camaraderie with friends and business associates over tall glasses of exotic cocktails, a selection of frosted beers, vintage wines and liquor from an oenophile’s collection. The “spirit” of joy is all-pervasive, not to put too heavy a pun on the word “spirits”! And the effect of melodious music in the background, mellows spirits further and helps one to truly relax and unwind after a grueling day of work or an enjoyable but tiring day, spent sightseeing!

These Luxury Hotels near Mumbai Airport, conveniently located in the commercial hub of Mumbai, are just 2 km away from the Mumbai International Airport and easily accessible. Within walking distance from major banks, companies, government offices, major exhibition centers and just 1.6 km form Mumbai City with its tourist sightseeing places, they are thus time savers for tourists and businessmen! Located at a convenient distance of 2 km from the Railway Station and very close to the Bus Terminus, they facilitate travelers’ reaching them without a hassle!